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The BIlletron PRO Series 38mm Carburetor from Lectron Fuel Systems


If you like the original Billetron, you're going to LOVE the new PRO Series.


-Not only does the new Billetron SPANK the old Letcon's bottom end power offering... but to us, it also runs like a perfectly jettet Keihin Carb..... WITHOUT JETS.


-All the great lecton features you've grown to love are still present too.

-No jetting, ever!

-No need to worry about temperature or elevation changes

-Our 2004 RM250 hauls serious ass with the new Biletron installed


The New Billetron PRO Series boasts several new features, including:


-All new Torque Jet fuel pickup - for even more instantaneous throttle response & torque

-Billet construction

-Metric hardware

-OEM throttle cable compatibility for most two stroke applications

-Shorter overall length and height

-New metering rod adjustment mechanism (1/8th turn increments)

-Bowl drain with integrated g-force kit-

-H-Style slide (aluminum now vs. Zinc previously)

-New top cover design with two screws and locating tabs

-Gasketed body halves with dowel pins vs. sealant

-New bore and bell design

-New choke design

-New float system

-New high flow, sprung needle seat valve

-New bowl material (clear, more impact resistant)

-Horizontal power jet screw that is adjustable by hand

-Relocation of carburetor vents with 4 lines


Performance Improvements

-The gnarliest bottom end hit ever produced by a Lectron Carb

-Significantly improved throttle response

-Faster power jet activation

-New slide design and metering rod location improves idle

-Finer idle adjustment (much finer threads on screw)


Easy Tuning Kit: This includes quick change billet thumbscrews for the top cover and a metering rod adjustment tool.


Special Anodizing: Alter the color of your Billetron. Color options include black, red, blue or orange (raw silver is cool too)


Laser etching: If you'd like a special logo etched into your new Lectron carb, simply add the option to your order. Once your order is placed, we will reach out to you for a logo file. Don't worry- if you don't have a logo file, we'll help you decide what to laser etch as well as which fonts to choose.


    Lectron Billetron "PRO Series" 38mm Carburetor