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It all started in a little two car garage in Gilroy, California.

We have always loved motorcycles & could not imagine a life without them.

With each passing year, each bike build, and each relationship earned - we continue to learn & perfect the craft one experience at a time.

We get better at building and we get better at helping with each step forward.

And the fire inside has never been greater. Est in 2016, we are just getting started.

Whether we've met or have yet to met - I want you to know that I sincerely appreciate each of you for the love & support.

From cherished MX company owners & mentors, to our lifeblood - our amazing customers - you have all helped shape what mXrevival was, is, and will become. You have helped me grow as well.

I appreciate each of you & can only imagine what the future holds for all of us.

So, thank you. Let's kick some more ass.

-Charles // MXREVIVAL

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