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Named after it's rider, Matt - AKA "Big Korea", Project Big Korea started it's life as a 2016 Kawasaki KX450F.


Even though Matt hated the then equipped Showa TAC air forks, it didn't stop us from putting our spin on this super loud Kawasaki. Project Big Korea is perhaps our most shared creation across social platforms & the internet.


This bike (often mistaken for a "girls bike") turned heads, and screamed for attention. To this day, you'll find this bike floating around "The Gram" and still adored by females around the globe....even though we built it for a dude!


It's shop nick-name was Bubbalicious due to the pink with green accents that reminded us of watermelon bubble gum. You can see continued progress in our craft via the details with polished brakes, exhaust, & powder coating in key areas. Little things were getting much more important such as individual bolts & such.


P.B.K. was bike build number 8 for the shop, and still extremely budget friendly. We played off the bike's strengths and OEM attributes like factory DLC coated forks, black shock body & green engine plugs in order to add aftermarket parts that would help further emphasize them- which also saves money.

At this point, we still did not have any sponsorship & simply tried hard everywhere we could to do our best. Doing the work is key.

After P.B.K. launched, people were starting to notice mXrevival.

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