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The 2004 CR250R built for DP Motorsports - Bike #4 for a triple clamp manufacturer located in San Jose, CA at the time. (RIP)

Bikes of this era were still extremely budget friendly, maximizing customer budget while also checking the boxes on the customer's wish list.

This was also our first time working with a TX Race Kit. The TX Race Kit allows you to update your older Honda to look more modern using a series of brackets and newer Honda (or Kawasaki) plastics.

Danny wanted some very key things done: Black frame, VHM Head, and one of our Lectron carbs to get rid of the dreaded Mikuni TMX carb that these last gen/ case-reed Hondas came stock with.

We worked closely with Fresh Moto to develop full-coverage frame protection as powder coated frames of this type are the first thing to go. Fresh used their "Rough Cover" finish over vinyl (graphics material) 

Looking back, we'd have to say our favorite part of this bike was the triple clamps. They were a set of only 10 made, that housed the CR250 fork tubes properly and were also drilled to accept the modern plastics of the 2016 CRF450R without the use of brackets or conversion kits.

Least favorite? The spark arrestor! A shorty would have provided a better overall look. But it's easy to spend other people's money, isn't it?

We were getting hot and heavy with our soda blaster but still lacked some of the finer attention to detail that we've since become accustomed to as the years of practicing our craft roll on by.

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