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With these two, we ended on another high note.


After a delivery from Idaho all the way down to LACR in SoCal, bike owner's David & Chase received their completely Revived & matching father & son bikes for the first time. Project Sleeper was a 2006 YZ450F, morphed into a street machine with street plate after circumventing a few legal "roadblocks". To this day, we still admire the custom rechargeable power source that powered the bikes turn signals & mini LED light bar, housed on custom brackets & affixed to the bikes triple clamps through slits in the front number plate.

Imagination led to fabrication which made the headlight and it's related components a reality thanks to the help of Kuna Machine Shop, a local machine shop in Kuna, Idaho. Additionally, this bike played a key role in the development of Lectron Fuel Systems throttle cable and control routing for this generation YZF, due to tight clearances under the fuel tank.

We spent the day riding away at LACR and showing off these two bikes features to their owners. Chase loved his "new" 2003 Suzuki RM65 and informed us that he would be riding it to school from then on! His textured "Rough Cover" decals were also a hit. We ended the day with a laugh, taking turns honking the little horn we installed on the YZ450F.

These bikes were yet again another step forward from our humble beginnings as bikes number 5 & 6 under our belts.

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