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Ahh yes, one of our first "builds". This 2004 YZ450F was our 5th bike after starting the shop in Idaho in 2016. You can see the creativity starting to creep in as these bikes are somewhat difficult to bring up to speed in the looks department.


We were powder coating more than just the "regular" parts & paying closer attention to detail with items like new carburetor hoses, etc. We had also purchased our first soda-blasting cabinet which cleaned engines very well, along with almost anything else. 


The bikes were still in the very budget-friendly stages as we worked diligently with customers to provide every "want" possible for next to nothing, really. We even kept the old, leftover parts for our old eBay store to lessen the customer's financial burden. It added a ton of work to the back-end of our business but was worth every second as we were not only paying our dues as newcomers, but delivering absolute happiness to our bike owners. 

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