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T-1000 - an mXrevival Bike Build for our friends at Dirt Bike Magazine. 


It was an honor & awesome journey to Revive this clapped-out monstrosity! T1000 is a 2003 Honda CR250 that came to the shop with frozen bearings, a badly scored top end that was loaded with helicoils, and 18 years of baked on dirt & grime.

No biggie. We've got this. mXrevival & our Build Crew have have some tricks up our sleeve!


T-1000's Build Concept was "a fully vapor blasted bike". Anything that could be put through our vapor blasting process was on the hit list. The result was a truly one of a kind, very Liquid Metal machine. Anything that wasn't silver had the anodizing stripped or was zinc plated to a better than-new finish. The T-1000 name was inspired by T-1000 himself in the movie Terminator 2.

We're proud of this ultra clean CR250 Build & stoked to share it with you. 

Want more T1000? Check out our full YouTube playlist, as well as several Dirt Bike Magazine articles / YouTube videos from their publication

T1000 on YouTube:

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