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Where it all began. Bike number 1 for mXrevival.

This 2004 Yamaha YZ125 build all started when a friend back home in California (we were operating in Idaho at the time) phoned us up and said "Hey, there's a kid down here looking for a YZ125. Can you help him?"

That we did.


Looking back on 2016 now, there was much to be desired by way of attention to detail in the smaller bits. Things like carburetor hoses, individual bolts, etc. could have been better. 


But at the time, a time before YZ Restyle Kits even existed, we gave her hell & knocked this bike out for only a few thousand dollars- including the price of the bike. To be honest, the Two-Stroke bike build craze was barely getting started back then. It eventually erupted into what you know it to be today.

In short: We picked this bike up off of Craigslist in Boise, ID for someone we never met, built it for someone we'd never met, with next to nothing except the will-to-be & determination. Brandon, the owner, eventually turned it into a 134cc screamer. He ended up being a great guy as well!

Overall, it was a hit & we were very proud of our first restoration for an actual customer. The bike screamed after a fresh top end & felt great with the new bodywork. Big brakes, decals, new wheels & tires, & all the things that were really key for the owner had made it onto the platform.

We're proud of where we started as a company.


We offer Project Goodrich as a trinket of inspiration if you're just getting started yourself. We enjoy the reminder that we all start somewhere.

And that's all that matters. 

Special thanks to Rob Dresser and Brandon Goodrich for being a part of that.

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