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Brought to you by popular demand!


Your overwhelming feedback on our chemical blackening process via mXrevival's Instagram & YouTube channel meant one thig - you want these chemicals too!


Chose from one of our black, yellow or blue chemical solutions which will not only readily convert the color of all zinc plated hardware but it will also add greater protection to your machine's hardware. 



Additional details:


Black offers the strongest added protection & most radically changed appearance, followed by yellow, and lastly blue.


Yellow has a very "OEM Honda" look & feel, while blue is only a light hue different VS a factory zinc coating. Only with better protection than zinc alone.


mXrevival's personal favorite is obviously black!


All you'll need to activate your new chemical is 1 gallon of distilled water from your local grocery or hardware store.


These products will ONLY convert zinc plated hardware. Will not work on nickel, or on KTM's factory coatings.


If you'd like to upgrade your hardware to a zinc plated type, we also carry a "Blot Blackening Kit" here which includes 100% of your machine's engine fasteners and our blackening chemical.


**Price includes shipping


Don't hesitate to reach out with any questions by clicking here. We'd be happy to help you!

mXrevival Bolt Blackening Chemical

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