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Thank you to all who support and have supported our crusade to raise funds for Cameron's THIRD battle with cancer. 


Many of you (much like myself) found Cameron on YouTube while trying to figure out what the hell you were doing while working on your dirt bike. 


Cameron, as I like to call him, is "The Godfather of Dirt BIke YouTube". But you already knew that.


As the years have passed, I've personally become much closer with Cameron. We've judged his Broke 2 Built contest together (which is how I met most of the builders you'll hear from below) as well as spent several hours on the phone trying to figure out how to take over the world and bring all the moto-heads with us. 


Some of the stuff is downright hilarious & the camaraderie is something I cherish.


I've had the pleasure of riding with Cam, digesting his YouTube videos, meeting his amazing wife Hailey & of course their newest family member- Baby Gemma. Cam is so F'ed when she grows up! Get the shotgun ready, Cameron!


As most of you know, Cam ain't no quitter! He will fight until he literally cannot bare it. All the while, you'll never even know he was in pain. Because he was probably doing something nice for you, like mailing you some RM250 frame tape so you could try it out. 


During the last Broke 2 Built contest, something was a little off but none of us really knew what was going on yet. Proof of my above statement. This dude is an absolute truck and just motored through every last minute of our 8+ hour filming session. He's been struggling ever since, unannounced of course.


I'm stoked to have shared some time in the beautiful PNW with Cam and the B2B Crew & I am looking forward to doing it again.


For now, let's bring it, guys. 


Cam needs us, so he's got us 


If you'd like to leave a personal note when leaving your donation & checking out - I will add them below as often as humanly possible... until our website can no longer support any additional text!


Cam.... these are for you, G!


-Charles // mXrevival 



**Begin rad memories from friends, B2B judges & loyal YouTube friends of Cameron's:


Brian Bernadel wrote:


Cam we love you. I want you to know. I am thankful to be a part of this community and to support you because you have inspired me more than you can imagine. Keep being the fighter that you are because you inspired more people than you know - Brian Bernadel


Matt Berger wrote:


In life, there are certain people that inspire you to pursue a specific passion or interest. These people have the power to spark a fire inside you and create a new love for something you never knew you had. For me, that person was Cameron. My passion for building bikes directly stems from watching Cam's YouTube videos many years ago. If it wasn't for HIS passion of building dirt bikes, I don't think I would have mine. Cameron is the pioneer of the dirt bike building community. Cameron has given us so much knowledge, entertainment, and guidance over the years. I'm honored to return the favor and help support Cameron and his family is this fight! He's beat this thing twice, and there's not a doubt in my mind he's going to beat it again! Let's go Cam!


Jimmy Kiser wrote:


A few years ago while in my shop, I quickly scanned YouTube to see if I could find a particular "how to" video.

I stumbled across this guy named Cameron who evidently had quite the bike restoration channel. Not only did I find exactly what I was looking for,  but I ended up watching several videos. On that very day Cameron became an instant inspiration to me.

Whether he knows it or not, he has taught me so much about this thing that we all have such a passion about - dirt bikes. 

I owe much of the knowledge I have today to Cameron. For that, I will be forever grateful!


Josh Graham wrote:

Prayers for Cam 🙏


Clunt Lund wrote:


Cameron is such a pioneer to the all those who spend late nights in the shop pounding in bearing races while the wife comes into the garage asking "how much longer you going to be out here tonight". Its not just devotion, its passion! To share that passion takes a special person who is unselfish and wants to spread knowledge to everyone to help empower another life of passion. I've looked up to Cameron for some time and that will never change.. He constantly while never saying it reminds me to stay humble, share the knowledge and enjoy the ride! God Bless you Cam, Never Stop fighting, you will be victorious! LundMX


Lynne Koehn wrote:

Cameron and family … I’m Joel Giesbrecht’s sister and he speaks so highly of you …..prayers and love sent your way for a full recovery  Courage to you ! Lynne Koehn


Mitch Allard wrote:


When i started on this journey of bike building i did what everybody else does and clicked on you tube and came across this dude that was building a honda and had these bitching cleaning wheels for sale…. That was my first time hearing of cameron niemela. As i scrolled back and watched his videos, I heard about this contest BROKE TO BUILT  . I wanted to do what he did, and turn a roach into a racer. After going down a rabbit hole of suggested videos, i started following and interacting with what i consider the legends of bike building, dave, charles, greg, lundy, matty b, rado, kincaide, jimmy, uncle tony.The contest introduced me to all these sick moto nuts and has brought me to a point where i've got to meet sean and aaron @ 834 . Cam brought this all together, without him i wouldn't have gotten my 15 minutes of fame and been able to bench race with the legends. Thanks cam, good luck, we are all pulling for you!


Richard Keith wrote:

Cam, We couldn’t bring our bikes back to the level we do without you and your products. You are a hell of a guy and an inspiration to us all! What a fighter!!!! We are all here for you and behind you and your recovery!


Sean Galvin wrote:


During my first restoration I was looking for a way to clean an aluminum frame, so I did what we all do turn on YouTube. Cam’s frame cleaning video was the first up and I’ve been hooked ever since! I’ve never met Cam in person and only spoken to him a handful of times but I feel like I’ve been friends with him for years, watching his family, business and community grow has been an honor. I personally blame Cam for my continued love of restoring bikes and the way Broke to Built keeps pushing the limits of bike builders (and my wallet ). With that being said it’s been amazing to be part of this community and watch what this group of builders has accomplished in just a few short days. Cam just know that we’ve got your back! #camstrong - Sean, MX Metalworx 


Cameron Niemela's Road to Recovery