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What Does It Cost To Revive A Bike?? 2016 KX450F Full Build #ProjectBigKorea

Well, it's #TwoStrokeTuesday but Matty's 2016 KX450F project demands the spotlight!

It does so naturally with it's freshly powder coated matte black frames, just-polished motor mounts & exhaust, ano-green accents including DP Triple Clamps/ engine plugs/ axle blocks, DLC coated fork stanchions, anodized shock body w/ matching matte spring...... the list goes on. Most obvious would be the violent pink plastics & this bike is only going to get LOUDER!

Man I love this stuff.

I've thought of changing the project name to #ProjectBubblicious because it reminds me of the Bubblicious Gum we had as kids, the watermelon flavor of course!

I've also managed to piss off a few guys already with the color combo, but hey, I'm into that ;)

You can't do the same shit over and over & if you woke up on the wrong side of the bed the day you saw this build going back together.....well, brace yourself because I have so much more Bubblicious to ram into your retinas.


As promised, I'm going to share the totals SO FAR on this build. There will be a few hundred dollars spent past what is listed here, but the list will be up to date as of today.

I will update the costs if I feel it makes sense once the build is complete, but you'll be able to use your imagination to figure it out most likely.

Why am I doing this? Well, mainly because I WANT YOU TO SEE JUST HOW FEASIBLE this is for YOUR OWN build. I want you guys to shed the fear of these projects and take the leap. Buy that POS off craigslist and use my builds as a guide. Ask questions, apply yourself, read, research, etc.

Second to that, I get this question 4-5 times a week. Maybe this will bring it down to just 3 times per week..... JOKE, I love talking to you guys and rapping about bikes. You can ask me anything, anytime.

So let's have a look at the financial anatomy of a Revival. You can use these as checklists too, for your own builds.

Matt supplied his own:

-Graphics kit



-Acerbis hand guards

-Seat cover

-Air filter

***I'm going to value these parts at $380.00 for the sake of this blog***

MXR Parts Order #1

-Tube front

-Tube rear

-Rim strip front

-Rim strip rear

-Rim lock front

-Rim lock rear

-Rim lock dress kit (hides the ugly threaded rim lock studs)

-Renthal R! gold chain

-FMF Megabomb header

-Steel braided rear brake line

-Steel braided front brake line

-Maxima coolanol

-Maxima Syn-blend engine oil (2pcs)

-MX52 front tire

-MX52 front tire

-Bolt Hub Savers/ black (rear sprocket hardware)


-Cotter pins left, right (retains footpeg main pins)

-Frame pads, rubber/ fuel tank rests & sub frame pads (5pcs)

-Fuel tank strap (to frame)

***Grand Total $751.93***

MXR Parts Order #2

-6 piece neon pink plastics kit

-Acerbis skid plate

-No Toil airbox wash kit

-Oil filter

***Grand Total $231.93***

MXR Parts Order #3

-SM Pro Platinum Wheel Set (matte black rim/ gloss black nipple/ matte black spoke/ gloss green hub)

***Grand Total $941.64***

Cost To Powdercoat:

-Main frame

-Sub frame



-Pegs & hangers

-Case saver

-4 misc pieces you'll see in final photos

***Grand Total $400.00***

This price for powder coating is subject to change per your location. This was a pretty good deal for CA in my opinion & the prep was absolutely phenomenal.



If you factor in Matt's supplied parts @ $380 (roughly):



UNDER $3,000 with 90% of the needed parts. Are you a bit shocked?

New bikes are $9,000-$12,000 after taxes and fees now days. And guess what, they're still bone stock!

I don't think you need me to do the math for you on this one.

I estimate another $500 maximum to close this bike out in parts. It's the "shake" you need at the end of the project. The random OEM fastener, the misc. hardware, that part the bike just NEEDS to look right.

If you have a bike you own outright & love to death, you may really want to consider Reviving that bad boy. After all it's been better to you, than you've been to it!

Hell! Even if you're still paying for the bike you currently own, now you know what you're up against!

Yes, you can always do MORE, spend MORE. No question. In fact, I'll egg you on.

Here, I'll prove it:

Everything listed above was purchased & supplied via mXrevival or is currently live in the MXR store.

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