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What Does It Cost To Revive A Bike?? 2016 KX450F Full Build #ProjectBigKorea

Well, it's #TwoStrokeTuesday but Matty's 2016 KX450F project demands the spotlight!

It does so naturally with it's freshly powder coated matte black frames, just-polished motor mounts & exhaust, ano-green accents including DP Triple Clamps/ engine plugs/ axle blocks, DLC coated fork stanchions, anodized shock body w/ matching matte spring...... the list goes on. Most obvious would be the violent pink plastics & this bike is only going to get LOUDER!

Man I love this stuff.

I've thought of changing the project name to #ProjectBubblicious because it reminds me of the Bubblicious Gum we had as kids, the watermelon flavor of course!

I've also managed to piss off a few guys already with the color combo, but hey, I'm into that ;)

You can't do the same shit over and over & if you woke up on the wrong side of the bed the day you saw this build going back together.....well, brace yourself because I have so much more Bubblicious to ram into your retinas.


As promised, I'm going to share the totals SO FAR on this build. There will be a few hundred dollars spent past what is listed here, but the list will be up to date as of today.

I will update the costs if I feel it makes sense once the build is complete, but you'll be able to use your imagination to figure it out most likely.

Why am I doing this? Well, mainly because I WANT YOU TO SEE JUST HOW FEASIBLE this is for YOUR OWN build. I want you guys to shed the fear of these projects and take the leap. Buy that POS off craigslist and use my builds as a guide. Ask questions, apply yourself, read, research, etc.

Second to that, I get this question 4-5 times a week. Maybe this will bring it down to just 3 times per week..... JOKE, I love talking to you guys and rapping about bikes. You can ask me anything, anytime.

So let's have a look at the financial anatomy of a Revival. You can use these as checklists too, for your own builds.

Matt supplied his own:

-Graphics kit



-Acerbis hand guards

-Seat cover

-Air filter

***I'm going to value these parts at $380.00 for the sake of this blog***

MXR Parts Order #1

-Tube front

-Tube rear

-Rim strip front

-Rim strip rear

-Rim lock front

-Rim lock rear

-Rim lock dress kit (hides the ugly threaded rim lock studs)

-Renthal R! gold chain

-FMF Megabomb header

-Steel braided rear brake line

-Steel braided front brake line

-Maxima coolanol

-Maxima Syn-blend engine oil (2pcs)

-MX52 front tire

-MX52 front tire

-Bolt Hub Savers/ black (rear sprocket hardware)


-Cotter pins left, right (retains footpeg main pins)

-Frame pads, rubber/ fuel tank rests & sub frame pads (5pcs)

-Fuel tank strap (to frame)

***Grand Total $751.93***

MXR Parts Order #2

-6 piece neon pink plastics kit

-Acerbis skid plate

-No Toil airbox wash kit

-Oil filter

***Grand Total $231.93***

MXR Parts Order #3

-SM Pro Platinum Wheel Set (matte black rim/ gloss black nipple/ matte black spoke/ gloss green hub)

***Grand Total $941.64***

Cost To Powdercoat: