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mXrevival's #ProjectGunShow Raffle Bike Is Complete!


What a ride!

It has been quite the journey & now I finally get to show you the light at the end of this tunnel.

This bike has been yet another chapter in my own book of motocross. Learning like always. Growing as usual. Always better in the end.

In total, this build took nearly a year to orchestrate. Sourcing a bike, lining up the right people to help with the build, the proper legal avenues & of course funding were all quite the task but here we are with a bike completed...literally from the ground up.

I couldn't have done it alone. In fact, I received more help than ever. No stone went un-turned.

My best was given, I made new friends & may have even tested existing friendships in the heat of the moment.

At the end of the day, this is what's been made. My contribution to the sport I love & can't live without.

For all who support mXrevival, and to all who supported this build by way of entering the contest... this build is for YOU (literally!)

Who would I build for otherwise, if not for you?

Very special thanks to all of the great companies & even greater people behind them that made this build more than it would have been on my own.

-Haeseker Racing Engines

Engine 100% disassembled & inspected, cases vapor honed, entire transmission micro-polished, assembled

-FreshMoto Graphics

Custom, one off set of graphics made right in Idaho, USA. Flawless die lines & perfect fit

-Apex Coatings

Complete coatings package. Cerakote Ceramic coatings grace the brake calipers & master cylinders, the engine covers & primary case, clutch perch, foot pegs & hangers, linkage, shock spring and more

Powder coated swing arm and sub-frame "crystal metallic grey"

-Ride JBI Suspension

Suspension 100% disassembled & rebuilt. Re-valved to MX spec, stanchions micro-polished, assembled to factory spec.

-Bolt Motorcycle Hardware

Complete engine bolt kit, complete Pro Pack covering nearly every nut & bolt on the bike, one piece axle adjusters, complete plastic fastener kit, seat bolt kit

-Walker Seats

100% hand crafted &, built-to-order seat. Impeccable attention to detail

-SM Pro Platinum Wheels

Complete wheel set built-to-order. Laser etched commemorative logos grace the hubs "mXrevival / #ProjectGunShow"

-Lectron Fuel Systems

100% Jet-less air / fuel delivery via a Lectron 38HV "high velocity" carburetor. Perfect metering at all temps & elevations. Set it & forget it

-DP Motorsports

Gorgeous red anodized triple clamps. One of only 10 sets of triple clamps ever manufactured by DP for the 47mm Showa forks found on last-gen Honda CR250's

-Zero Resistance Throttle

Indestructible, precision CNC cut throttle assembly. Rugged construction boasting two roller bearings, one on each end, for zero drag or friction between the throttle and the handlebar

-Langston Motorsports

Supplied 100% of Project Gun Show's engine internals. OEM bearings and seals to provide proven factory spec & longevity

-Pivot Works

Complete suspension rebuild kits, front and rear. Seals, guides, bladder, bumper.... All of it

-All Balls

All new chassis bearings. Steering, linkage, & swing arm. Brake master cylinder & caliper rebuild kit also freshen up PGS


Trick racing cylinder head, offering interchangeable inserts for quick/ track-side power profile / tuning options. Special alloy helps dissipate heat faster than OEM cast heads as well as larger water jackets


The world famous Rad Valve & engine covers (ignition & clutch sides) as well as Boyesen'e exhaust flange grace PGS for improved power & factory looks

-No Toil

PGS is breathing clean air, thanks to No Toil & their supplied pre-oiled/ no hassle filters. Bio-degradable filter cleaning kit, chain lube & air box wash kit & silencer plug keep PGS healthy between & during motos

-Mika Metals

Mika's handlebar, bar mounts, grips & precision cut sprocket kits are finishing touches on PGS

Most of all, thank you to my wife for putting up with my obsession and commitment to moto.

Putting the final #ProjectGunShow video together with your help & ideas were the icing on the cake!

So, from all of us at mXrevival & my massive sopport system above-

Welcome to the Gun Show


In just under 15 days, one lucky winner will be chosen to take this mXrevival Full Build home!


Visit @mXrevival via Instagram for more PGS content & giveaways

-Charles // mXrevival

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