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AND SO IT BEGINS! mXrevival's 2002 CR250R Bike Build & Giveaway

Oh yes, today is the big launch day!

I have wanted to build a bike, solely for the purpose of a giveaway for so long. The time has come, the time is now. October 1, 2018.

After months of planning, networking, dreaming... the time has finally come.

I'm ready to BUILD. Are YOU ready to WIN??

Meet YOUR new bike: A 2002 Honda CR250R. AKA #ProjectGunShow

Why the name? Well, let's just say that more that a few companies have stepped up to the plate in order to help mXrevival deliver something truly incredible to one lucky winner. In other words, I'm bringing out the "big guns"!

It's time to tear this bike down to bare frame and give 'er all I've got. With OVER 20 different sponsors helping me craft something amazing, I know you'll be proud to take this baby home.

There might only be one thing cooler than watching a custom bike build, loaded with today's best aftermarket parts come together.....


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