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Ever notice how skinny that little pie-cutter is on the rear of your SR300?


We did too.


It's squirrely, lose, doesn't last too long & just doesn't belong on a full size motorcycle to begin with


Problem Solved - the Tusk EMEX E-35 Tires are here:


-Upgrade your stock tires with improved grip & leave some cash in your wallet at the same time

-Tusk tires & their price point are the perfect pairing for all SSR models

-Tread pattern closely mimics that of the expensive and ever popular Dunlop MX33 (mXrevival's opinion)

-Soft / Intermediate terrain compound offers superior grip in all conditions VS stock, vague tires


Helpful Tips:


**110 wide rear recommended for the 300cc engine when using stock gearing

**120 wide rear tire for the ultimate in grip. Some riders may decide to "gear down" with this tire by installing a rear sprocket with 1 extra tooth - rider preference will determine & it is not necessary if you enjoy the 120 with stock gearing 

**18" rear tire options are available too - just leave a note in the comments section if you have already swapped over to an 18" rear rim (stock rear rim is 19")

**100/90x21" Fat Front Tire offers a little more rubber up front in tire height, prefered by some trail riders


**More photos of these tires installed on mXrevival's SR300 coming soon - YouTube review to follow

Tusk EMEX T-35 Tires