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Step one to dialing in ANY bike?


You guessed it:


-Setting the chassis up for the rider!


The key to going fast safely & with confidence is chassis balance


There are of course several other factors that play their part in your motorcycles handling - such as race sag, free sag, lowering links and fork heght...but


None of them can be altered or adjusted with extreme accuracy without frst applyng the proper spring rates into your motorcycle!


Spring rates are different for almost every bike & rider.


Without the proper springs installed for each rider's weight, the motorcycle - your expensive investment - cannot be set up to work as accurately, safely or as confidently as it could with a simple set of springs.


The proper springs for the rider!


From here, things like race sag & fork height will pay huge dividends when adjusted.


The key is balance.


Proper springs for YOUR weight will maximize your bikes ability to jump, and turn the best it possibly can.


You will be able to focus on the riding, not the motorcycle & how it might "spit you out". When your bike is set up properly, you will no longer think about wat it's doing or what it "might" do.


Riding becomes safer, faster, better.


So if you're ready to maximize your motorcycle's full potential - you're in the right place!


If you need help deciding whether or not you need springs for your bike, we'd be happy to help! Just let us know here & we will take care of your needs!


FREE Bel Ray waterproof grease with every order! Your suspension is already off - perfect time to grease your motorcycles expensive bearings & pivot points. Watch our How To video here!



Tool Bundle Includes:


-Outer fork cap wrench

-Inner fork cap wrench for access to center cartridge

-Fork seal bullet

-Fork seal driver

-Cartridge rod "H-Tool"


Fork Seal & Oil Bundle Include:


-High quality, ultra-low stiction SKF fork & dust seals - the best seals on the market

-Bel ray 5wt fork oil (2)

Spring N' Grease Package