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Oh yes we did...


mXrevival is proud to offer the first-ever, turn key soultion to the 2020+ SSR SR300 & SR250's timid stock fuel system! 


When you're ready for more power, increased useability, better fuel economy & a just plain TRICK looking carb for your new SRR- Look no further


Not all fuel systems are created equal.


Lectron Carburetors are 100% JET FREE! That's right, no jets. Fully compensates for changes in elevation and temperature. Pre-tuned from the factory specifically for your SR300 or SR250


With a Lectron Carb you can expect:


-Incresed power

-Smoother power due to more even fuel metering

-A more unified & usable powerband

-Increased fuel economy (skip the big tank or pair for the ultimate range!)

-No jetting, ever

-Assembled in the USA

Watch the SR300 Lectron Install video here! 

Watch the SR300 First Ride w/ Lectron video Here!


**Add a metering rod tool, to ensure damage-free Lectron tuning, should you add a mod to your bike requiring a fuel delivery alteration. (Compression alteration, porting, exhaust, etc)



**SR250 owners:


-You will be required to heat up your bike's airboot to ease help installation of your new Lectron Carb. The Lectron body is slightly larger than your stock carburetor - watch the SR250 install & ride test video here!  SR250 owners will also receive a complete throttle housing with purchase as your stock housing will not work with our Lectron Mod - this is why the SR250 has a slightly higher cost than the SR300.


***2021+ SR300 owners:


-We've found a clever way for you to run our 2020 SR300 Lectron Mod in your 2021+ SR300! If you are sick of your FCR style carburetor in the 2021 and newer SR300 - all you need to do is purchase a 2020 air boot & 2020 intake flange from your local SSR Motorsports dealer. Then you will be able to use our 2020 SR300 Lectron Mod. 


Ask your local dealer for pricing & info on these two part numbers & you'll be good to go when you order your SR300 Lectron mod here:


-2020 SR300 airboot: A00325-14-00 

*make sure you are gettng a 2020 model ariboot & you will be good to go! 2020 is the only year with a non-FCR typr carbureteor & uses the boot you need for your Lectron on 2021 or newer SR300's 


-2020 SR300 intake flange: A00332-14-00

*You may need to ask your dealer for larger intake flange clamps, or hit your local hardware store 



Lectron Carburetors // 2020 - 2023 SSR Motorsports SR300 - SR250