Oh yes we did...


mXrevival is proud to offer the first-ever, turn key soultion to the 2020 SSR SR300 & SR250's timid stock fuel system! 


When you're ready for more power, increased useability, better fuel economy & a just plain TRICK looking carb for your new SRR- Look no further


Not all fuel systems are created equal.


Lectron Carburetors are 100% JET FREE! That's right, no jets. Fully compensates for changes in elevation and temperature. Pre-tuned from the factory specifically for your SR300 or SR250


With a Lectron Carb you can expect:


-Incresed power

-Smoother power due to more even fuel metering

-A more unified & usable powerband

-Increased fuel economy (skip the big tank or pair for the ultimate range!)

-No jetting, ever

-Assembled in the USA

-Watch the SR300 Lectron Install video here! - Watch the SR300 First Ride w/ Lectron video Here!


**Add a metering rod tool, to ensure damage-free Lectron tuning, should you add a mod to your bike requiring a fuel delivery alteration. (Compression alteration, porting, exhaust, etc)


**SR250 owners will be required to heat up their air boots to help installation of your new Lectron Carb. The Lectron body is slightly larger than your stock carburetor - watch the SR250 install & ride test video here!  SR250 owners will also receive a complete throttle housing with purchase as your stock housing will not work with our Lectron Mod - this is why the SR250 has a slightly higher cost than the SR300.


**SR450 & 2021 SR300 owners: We are currently in the testing phase with these SSR bikes to ensure your investment into one of our Lectron Carbs will be money well spent. Thanks for your patience! So far, results are looking great & we will update the website for you as soon as posible!

Lectron Carburetors // 2020 SSR Motorsports SR300 - SR250