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ENTER TO WN THNDRCRAKR // mXrevival's 2002 Yamaha YZ250 Build


That's right:


-One lucky rider will take home our custom built, one-off, frame-up restored YZ250 build from mXrevival and our Build Crew. (USA Residents only, please see official rules)


-Subscribe to the mXrevival YouTube Channel in order to win rad moto-parts & gear in every. single. build episode. And watch YOUR YZ250 being built from scratch!


-And don't worry. If you're one of our lucky YouTube parts & gear winners, you'll still be entered to with the grand prize, our 2002 YZ250 Build.


But wait, it gets even sweeter:


When you enter to win, you'll not only have a chance at bringing home one of the baddest and most iconic two strokes of all time - but you'll be helping our fallen brothers, sisters & heroes in MX. 


How? Glad you asked.... 


mXrevival will be donating a portion of all proceeds to Road 2 Recovery  and in addition, our dear friend & fellow bike builder Cameron Niemela as he battles leukemia  (Go ahead, check them out)


You probably already knew this, but:


Road 2 Recovery Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization founded in 2000 to help AMA-licensed motocross and supercross professionals and action sports athletes with financial assistance after sustaining career-ending injuries as well as providing motivational, emotional and spiritual support to these individuals and their families.


In other words, you'll be helping fallen MX heroes and their families tackle everything from medical bills, to services that focus on a fallen rider's mental health after their tragic injuries occur. 


What could be sweeter than that? 


Oh yeah - winning a completely rebuilt & fully customized YZ250. You lucky dog, you.


Watch the YouTube Series & Subscribe! - Watch me build your bike and win MX products in EVERY. SINGLE. EPISODE:


Episode 1 - Onuim Goggle Giveaway (6 pairs!)


Episode 2 -  $100 No Toil gift cars & Onium Goggles (4 winners!)


Episode 3 - Bolt Motorcycle Hardware Pro Packs & Brake system Cerakote giveaway (4 winners!)


Episode 4 - Phoenix andlebars & ZRT Throttle Giveaway (4 winners!)


Episode 5 - $100 No toil gift card, DeCal Works graphics kit, Phoenix Handlebars Swag Pack, & Bolt Motorcycle Hardware Pro Pack Giveaway (4 winners!)


Episode 6 - (2 sets) Custom 3DP Moto 3D printed brake libe guides. DeCal Works graphics kit, $100 No Toil gift card & complete brake system Cerakote (4 winners!)


Episode 7 - (2 rebuilds) Complete AHM factory Services fork & shock rebuilds & two "Ray Ray" Snapback hats (4 winners!) 


Episode 8 - (2) Phathead Racing cylinder heads, (1) Billetron Carbutetor from Lectron Fuel Systems, & complete brake system Cerakote (4 winners!)


Episode 9 - (1) Handmade HYGGE Performance YZ250 cone pipe, (1) $100 No Toil gift card & (1) set of 3DP Moto, 3D-printed brake line guides front & rear (3 winners!)


Episode 10 - The Offical THNDRCRAKR Reveal! Enjoy! More giveaways & bike giveaway is coming soon! 


On a more personal note:


Guys, thank you for all of your love & support these last few years. I have been building, tweaking, and searching for ways to make mXrevival more impactful. Ways to justify it's (and my) higher calling.


mXrevival is my personal dream that I am always striving to make come true on bigger & better levels, so your involvement in any capacity could not mean more to me. 


Thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping me, help others- and also get this custom YZ250 into your hands. Now that's a real trifecta.


Let's do this.


-Charles // mXrevival  


***If you happen to have ANY questions whatsoever: Please use the mXrevival Contact Link here!


Stay caught up with bike build videos & progress via mXrevival's YouTube Channel 


And of course, your YZ250 build photos & more via mXrevival's Instagram Page & TikTok Page


-Charles // mXrevival

ENTER TO WIN THNDRCRAKR // mXrevival's 2002 Yamaha YZ250 Build