Looking for the industry's smoothest, most robust & drag-free throttle tube?


Look no further.


Zero Resistance Throttle:


-Precision made in USA

-Tough, 100% metal construction

-Bearings are fit into both ends of the throttle tube for Zero Resistance

-Both MX and off-road applications are supported (with or without hand guards)

-The absolute smoothest & most consistent throttle action, every ride


Add new grips:


-All new grips come with FREE, gold safety wire

-Soft compound & half-waffle construction



The Zero Resistance Throttle has been featured on mXrevival's #ProjectGunShow CR250 Build #ProjectDisruptor YZ250 build & also installed on every current mXreveal shop bike: 2004 RM250 / 2018 RMZ450 / 2017 250SX....


You could say this throttle is too good to ride without!


Leave plastic throttle tubes where you broke them on your last tip over- and feel the difference a Zero Resistance Throttle makes!


Want to learn more? Watch this "How To" Zero Resistance Throttle install video, where all needed tools, procedures & bar modifications can be reviewed for your own ZRT install.

Zero Resistance Throttle