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Looking for the industry's smoothest, most robust & drag-free throttle tube?


Look no further.


Zero Resistance Throttle:


-Precision made in USA

-Tough, 100% metal construction. Nearly indestructable

-Bearings are fit into both ends of the throttle tube for Zero Resistance

-Both MX and off-road applications are supported (with or without hand guards)

-The absolute smoothest & most consistent throttle action, every ride


The Zero Resistance Throttle has been featured on mXrevival's #ProjectGunShow CR250 build, #ProjectDisruptor YZ3000 build, #T1000 CR250 build, #ProjectPingKing CR500 build, our latest #THNDRCRAKR YZ250, & is also installed on every current mXreveal shop bike: 2004 RM250 / 2018 RMZ450 / 2020 SSR SR300....


Yeah, we really like it!


You could say this throttle is too good to ride without!


Leave plastic throttle tubes where you broke them on your last tip over- and feel the difference a Zero Resistance Throttle makes!


Want to learn more? Watch this "How To" Zero Resistance Throttle install video, where all needed tools, procedures & bar modifications can be reviewed for your own ZRT install.


***PLEASE NOTE - All Chinese bikes will requires a new throttle housing to use the ZRT Throttle. It is a high quality Domino Brand throttle housing & will be included when you select & purchase a ZRT Throttle for your Chinese bike.

Zero Resistance Throttle