As seen on our mXrevival Instagram page & YouTube Video, the Caswell 1.5 gallon Zinc Plating Kit will allow you to:


-Completely transform your worn, damaged, worn out OEM nuts & bolts into better than new hardware

-Save money rather than purchasing new or no longer available components

-Keep your hardware (or anything else) corrosion free and protected with a new zinc coating

-Apply a fresh new zinc in order to apply a colored chromate


This kit includes everything you need to start zinc plating right away, from home!



The Four Stages Of Bolt Restoration (as seen in photos)

From left to right we have:

1) Corroded, used YZ250 link bolt

2) Two stage polished link bolt. Use a wire wheel or abrasive pads. The key is in the prep!

3) In-house zinc plated shock link bolt, applied to the raw steel finish on bolt number 2. In order to plate, we need the plating kit & power supply shown here

4) Lastly, a chemically blackened upper shock link bolt. A black chromate kit is used to alter the fresh zinc coating by way of chemical reaction

Caswell 1.5 Gallon Zinc Plating Kit with DC Power Supply