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The Bolt Motorcycle Hardware Pro Pack is mXrevival's go-to bolt solution when it comes to building our custom creations.

Whether you're on a two or four stroke, we've got you covered with exact-spec raplacement hardware for your machine

-Save time & hundreds of dollars with a Pro Pack VS. sourcing / buying the same OEM components
-Two stroke specific kits include amazing value-added parts such as pipe joiner & pipe springs
-O-rings, copper crush washers, thread chasers, chain adjusters, bodywork fasteners, sprocket bolts & rear axle nuts are just a few of the special included fasteners
-Zinc plated steel hardware has a beautiful luster that not only lasts, but reliably protects your new hardware from corrosion  

As far as we're concerned at mXrevival - this is the ONLY turn-key hardware solution on the market worth owning. Insane value, gorgeous finish, and unsurpassed value.


Want a closer look at what's inside a Pro Pack?


Check out our 2003 CR250 Build for Dirt Bike Magazine - AKA #T1000, here on our YouTube Channel. In this episode, we'll crack open a two-stroke specific Bolt Motorcycle Hardware Pro Pack together. 


And remember kids:


Lefty Loosey, Righty Tighty (The Bolt Motorcycle Hardware Mantra)

Bolt Motorcycle Hardware Pro Packs