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Winner! Winner!


Check out Project Gun Show!


Our first giveaway bike & bike build number 9 - as "stated" by the bike's number plates.


Project Gun Show was a 2002 Honda CR250 with a missing title & frozen suspension. An absolute wreck. 

We wanted to do something big & this was it. We built this bike from the frame up, starting with a full Line-X coating and kept on slamming from there. 

Project Gun Show brought a lot of support from many companies and truly was our first bike that carried a lot of clout.


The cause too, carried some clout of it's own as our bike raffle could not have gone better. It was also a great learning experience regarding filming & editing YouTube videos. We are still practicing that one....Go ahead, click here to see the P.G.S. reveal video.

It was a very exciting time that led to many great relationships both inside & outside the moto-industry.


We're very proud of this bike, proud of all who helped, and we can't wait to do another bike giveaway. Our bike winner was pretty pumped too, you might say.

If you're reading this, and you're inspired even a little bit - run with it... You can do twhatever you put your mind to!


-Charles // mXrevival 

Gun Show // mXrevival's 2002 Honda CR250 Build