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Ever wonder how we make our project YZ's look so modern?  One of the most important steps we take is updating the plastics kit.  


We choose RTech to get the job done. 100% OEM fit and finish means your kit will fit right the first time. Just like new.


Buy with confidence knowing your new graphics will also fit flawlessly due to exact OEM 2015-2021 body specs. 


Kit includes: front number plate, front and rear fenders, side panels, radiator shrouds, and airbox upgrade kit.


Want to complete the look with a fresh set of decals? We can make it happen! Just click here after adding one of our Restyle Kits to your cart.


FRONT NUMBER PLATE ADAPTER REQUIRED FOR 2002-2005 MODELS / as reflected in price


Available for YZ 125-250 years 2002-2014 


**This kit can also be used to revive your 2015-2020 YZ 125 or YZ 250! 


2002-2014 YZ Two Stroke Restyle Kit // 2015 + Freshen-Up Kit

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