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Pulled the trigger on the 2017 KTM 250SX

Just wanted to share a bit about my first impression with the 17 250SX. Its my very first KTM and so far so good. I'm coming off of a current model YZ250, and man.... these two are nothing alike in any way feel-wise. Anyhow, here's my break in ride first impression I wrote a few days ago. I plan on doing all the other updates and long-haul blogging here for now. About me: 225lb, 6'1" tall, +30 year old intermediate class. Enjoy! After 1.1 hrs of break in yesterday, I wanted to share my thoughts on the new bike. Riding was a mix of sand tracks, whoops, some trails and a few 30'-40' natural terrain jumps. Overall very stable at speed and easy to move across via it's very flat seat. Makes it easy to get your body over the tank/ front tire to turn. The bars are very neutral and have little "pull back". I love that and probably won't put my Twinwalls on it from the YZ like I had planned. I'm too big for the stock shock spring and did notice some deflection in whoops and G-outs but it still felt very planted. It's going to feel great with the proper spring later this week. In the past on other bikes that were under sprung, the sketch-factor was much higher! The new AER 48 air fork is quite good in my opinion right off the bat. It feels like it WANTS to be fully extended, and forces it's way outward into traction. It's very different from my KYB/ SSS on the YZ but not in a negative way. We all know the spring fork is more linear. The AER 48 has a major ramp up in "rate feel" at the very end of the stroke but gets there very smoothly. I touched zero clickers and went with the stock PSI which may or may not have even been right for my weight (225lb. Novice/ +30 int.) I like this fork a lot so far. As I get more comfortable, we will see if I can make it do something that sucks! The bike comes with a nice fork pumo. Don't forget to make your dealer cough it up if they "forget". This new engine is awesome. If you're a 4 stroke guy and think "oh I can't ride two strokes" well, this is the closest two stroke power plant I've ever felt that mimicked a 4 stroke. It is very linear in delivery which is great because that's the best part about 4 strokes. 4 strokes are very predictable and easy to ride which I believe inspires confidence. This 2 stroke engine is fun, predictable, and it's still a 2 stroke at the end of the day, meaning it still feels more "alive" than the 4 stroke. The bike doesn't vibrate at all. New counter balancer is doing its job! Up until now, I thought (and was probably right, like most of us) that the YZ250 had the most usable power plant. The KTM just took the crown for me. This engine offers even more. Jetting is off just a touch. KTM went to Mikuni cabs this year after some 30+ years using Keihin carbs. It's a little fat right when you get into the needle jet at our elevation (2,500ft). Simply drop the needle one clip position and it cleans up the little fumble. It'd probably be perfect at sea-level. We had a 2017 150SX come in with the same issue, only it felt a bit worse. This same remedy works on the 150SX and fine tuning will likely make it even better. KTM supplies several needles and main/ pilot jets with purchase. Everything else is top notch. Brakes are crazy good, clutch is top notch, footpegs are large and self cleaning, fit and finish overall are ahead of the "big four". Hope you enjoyed my little rant. Feel free to share this with your friends who are considering a new KTM. #ktm #dirtbike #motocross #productreview #2017 #250sx #mxr #ktmvsyamaha #2017yz250 #mxrevival #2017yz #yz250 #ktm250sx #2017ktm #yz #yz250vs250sx #2017250sx #mx #biktest #ktm250 #yamaha

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