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Today's RMZ's are unrivalled in the value department. It is off the charts for those who invest in an RMZ. 

Why you ask?

Well, for a mere $7200 OTD (out the door) from Langston Motorsports - we cant think of another Big-Dog 450 that even comes close to this price point. There's an easy $2000 plus dollar gap between a new RMZ & the next Japanese brand.

And this means more money left over for mods. Let's face it, it needs them in stock trim.

After a few strategic bolt-on mods, this bike is ironed out & in the hunt again with the rest of the 450's. Easy & controlled power delivery, nearly perfect stock gearing, and a bit more low end grunt from the Pro Circuit Ti-6 complete Exhaust System, not to mention weight savings.


FCP Engine Mounts compliment the bike's overly stiff & somewhat abusive stock chassis by allowing more flex over bumps, chops, and hard landings. A Pro Circuit suspension re-valve and lowering link transform the RMZ into a well balanced, razor sharp weapon.

Don't forget to remove some more un-sprung mass by ditching the stock Bridgestone tires (over 2lb removed form the bike swapping the rear tire alone!)

There you have it - a faster, lighter, absolute fighter jet of a machine.


We love the RMZ. 

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