Oh yes we did!


We are elated to announce an all new Lectron application - The 2020 SSR Motorsports SR300s!


mXrevival has teamed up with Lectron yet again, to produce the first-ever Lectron carb for the all new SSR Motorsports SR300s.


Now, SSR owners can officially stop chasing erratic jetting associated with the stock SR300 carburetor & it's lack of an accelerator pump (a four stroke must for off-idle response).


From here on out- no jet swaps, no needle clip adjustments. Just clean & effective power throughout the RMP range.


Our new Lectron application for the SSR is a packed full of value, and combined with ultimate affordability versus Lecton's regular Gen II four stroke aplication.


This is how your motorcyle should run!


In addition to bringing the new SR300's fuel needs back on track, Lectron owners have always enjoyed these upgraded features as well:


-Incresed power

-Smoother power due to more even fuel metering

-A more unified & usable powerband

-A power characteristic that does not falter in the event of temperature & elevetion changes

-Increased fuel economy

-Simple two-circuit fuel screw adjustments in the event of a component change, such as a new exhaust pipe. Adjusting for your bike's modified fuel needs could not be easier!

-No jetting, ever.


All of this begs the question:


Are you ready?



***Typical Lectron carburetor lead time is aprox. ten biusness days. Every carb is built from scratch, just for you.

2020 SSR Motorsports // SR300s Lectron Carburetor