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Upgrade your YZ's weak, stock clutch & ignition covers with these trick-units from Luxon MX


-Luxon MX covers are precision CNC cut from billet aluminum

-Add strength to your engine VS your bike's cast & plastic OEM covers

-Select "added depth" for additional oil capacity (YZ250 only)

-Add custom laser engravings to finish off that Factory Look, as seen in photos above on Project THNDRCRAKR

-Sold in "branded" and "un-branded" varieties - branded hosts the Luxon MX logo


YZ250 Clutch Cover Fitment:



YZ250 Ignition Cover Fitment:



YZ125 Ignition Cover (only) Fitment:



***High quality logo files must be emailed to for all Laser Engraving customers - please include your order number in your email


***Price includes shipping & tax

Luxon MX Clutch & Ignition Covers for YZ's