Are you sick and tired of jetting your bike for elevation, every time you ride somewhere new? Are you sick of tweaking your air screw every hour as the temperature rises on your ride day? Are you tired of inconsistent power delivery and surging from your OEM carb, or just can't seem to get it dialed in?  


MXR has the solution


Lectron Carburetors are 100% JET FREE! That's right, no jets. Fully compensates for changes in elevation and temperature. Pre-tuned from the factory for your specific make & model machine. 


With a Lectron Carb you can expect:


-Incresed power

-Smoother power due to more even fuel metering

-A more unified & usable powerband

-Increased fuel economy (skip the big tank or pair for the ultimate range!)

-No jetting, ever.


Machines Supported:


-Two & four stroke kits available

-Price includes throttle cable and/ or all needed components for Japanese/ older Euro two or four strokes

-Assembled in the USA


Several other bikes are also supported. From mini's to 500cc


Lectron 38H-Series offers an advantage in bottom-end power over the previous 38HV Lectron Carbs. 


**Add a metering rod tool, to ensure damage-free Lectron tuning, should you add a mod to your bike requiring a fuel delivery alteration. (Compression alteration, porting, etc)


**ALL 2017 AND NEWER KTM & HUSQVARNA models covered here**

Lectron Carburetors // Two & Four Strokes