Are you into working on your own engines?


Same here!


Beginners & Pro's alike can break down thier two or four stroke engine with ease using the Garage Hero Tool Bundle.


Bundle includes the mandatory tools required to completely dissasemble your dirt bike engine:

-Case splitter tool

-Stator removal tool (make / model specific)

-Crank puller / setter tool

-Blind Bearing Puller

-Clutch / stator holder tool

-Impact Screwdriver

-Optional engine stand

-Feeler gauge tool (free)


-Tool list is in same order as photos above, for reference


***All orders recieve a FREE set of feeler guages (measure ring-gap clearance or valves for spec!)***


Not only is the sense of accomplishment from servicing your own machines great- but knowing these tools wil be there for you again & again is thing of beauty. 


See some of these tools in action here!

Engine Builder's Garage Hero Tool Bundle

Garage Hero Tool Bundle
FREE Feeler Gauge Tool